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Willrow Hood Run Debuts at Phoenix ComiCon

Willrow Hood Run Debuts at Phoenix ComiCon 2015

The crazy group of people in orange jumpsuits with Elvis hair and a mustache crashed Phoenix ComiCon 2015 and introduced the Willrow Hood run to Arizona con attendees.

Who is Willrow Hood?

Willrow Hood makes his brief appearance toward the end of the movie in Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back. After Lando Calrissian alerts Cloud City to evacuate before more Stormtroopers arrive, he runs through the hallways. If you blink, you will miss him but once you do see him, you will never quite see the movie the same way.

Inaugural Running of the Hoods at Phoenix ComiCon 2015

He is a member of the Rebel Legion and appears in an orange jumpsuit carrying something of a futuristic weapon. In reality it is just an ice cream maker painted in all white.

After the Star Wars Family Feud panel, six men and women dressed as Willrow Hood started the Running of the Hoods along with four members of the Mos Eisley Cantina Band. Those nearby were invited to run with them and run they did. From the second floor of rooms filled with panels up the escalator to the Hall of Heroes, they crashed all the major groups and took photos with unsuspecting fans.

They were easily found because they all repeated the same words over and over, typically ice cream. They crashed a few panels with advanced permission and made sure to whisper in the halls but it was the exhibitor hall where they had the most fun with a couple who thought they had a few moments to just themselves. Soon they were found out and everyone knew they were there.

Their fun continued as we still heard them across the exhibit floor but by that time we just could not keep up with them anymore. Have you ever tried to keep up with a fast moving group of rowdy people spreading smiles across downtown Phoenix? Watch our Willrow Hood video below.

Be sure to keep your eyes out for this awesome group of people. They bring crazy fun to any gathering where Star Wars and geeks love to gather.

Willrow Hood’s first appearance at Phoenix ComiCon will most definitely not be their last.

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