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X-Wing Pilot Mickey Cake

X-Wing Pilot Mickey Cake

The Mickey Mouse cake pan is fun to decorate and we knew there must be a way to turn it into a Star Wars cake for our Star Wars Disney Side Party.

Although Disney sent us a cake pan, our Mickey Mouse loving child already meant we owned it so one very special guest went home with the new cake pan to make for their own Disney Side party.

Since we were given the Duff cake mix in our Disney Side party box, it only made sense to purchase Duff frosting when making our Star Wars cake.

How to Decorate a Mickey Cake

Deciding on how to incorporate Mickey Mouse into our Star Wars theme was a bit tricky but one special little car showed the inspiration for the cake.

Use edible spray paint to turn chocolate frosting black

There was no design to figure out how to make a Mickey Rebel Pilot cake so the entire cake was modeled after two figures: the picture of the finished cake pan design and one surprising reference. I used a Rebel Pilot Disney car from Cars as the model for reference.

Finish black frosting then do red for Mickey cake design

How to decorate an X-Wing Pilot Mickey cake


  • Wilton star tip
  • Wilton cake decorating bag
  • Duff chocolate frosting
  • Duff white frosting
  • Orange frosting
  • Red frosting
  • Wilton edible color mist in black
  • Parchment paper


  1. Use the Wilton cake bags and star tip to make stars over the entire cake.
  2. Use chocolate frosting for the ears, nose, eyes, and mouth outline.
  3. Tuck parchment paper under the edges of the cake then spray the edible color most over the chocolate frosting to turn it black.
  4. Remove parchment paper and then use red frosting to make the rebel symbol, Mickey’s tongue, and then two stripes to match the rebel pilot helmet.
  5. Outline the helmet with white frosting and then fill in the remainder of the helmet. Once complete, then finish Mickey’s eyes with the white.
  6. Orange frosting is used next to complete the rebel visor.
  7. To get Mickey’s peach color, mix one part orange to four parts white. Adjust as needed for the right shade. Finish the rest of the cake.

Adding white frosting to make an X-Wing Pilot Helmet cake

My eight year old son was incredibly proud of the cake and very happy with the result.

Making a Mickey X-Wing Pilot cake may seem overwhelming at first, but taking it one color and one star at a time makes what once seemed impossible now easy.

Star Wars Rebel X-Wing Pilot Mickey Cake

To complete your Star Wars party, the X-Wing Pilot Mickey cake is a perfect addition.

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