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Chromecast Audio Fills Your Home with Music

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Music Fills Your Home with Chromecast Audio Held in a Childs Hand

Filling your home with music from your laptop or mobile device with a high quality sound using Chromecast Audio.

Whether relaxing on a Saturday afternoon or having a party with friends, Chromecast Audio fills your house with music that feeds your soul.

It is hard to believe a tiny device that fits in the palm of your hand can create a clear sound. Take a look above at the picture of my ten year old son’s hand holding it. Looking at the packaging and the size of the box, it is surprising but the picture on the front of the box is the actual size of the device. It comes with one yellow cord to plug into your speaker and also an electric cord for the power. That is it.

You can use just one Chromecast Audio to enjoy music in your house, but in order to fill your home with music in multiple rooms you will need to purchase at least two of the Chromecast Audio devices.

Setting up the device did take a little bit in order to get it set up on my iPhone 7 and the computer. The setup includes Bluetooth or the option to use Wi-Fi to connect. Once all of your devices are discovered and accessed, then you can create a home group and link all of them together. This is when the fun begins.

Chromecast Audio fills your home with sound

The best feature of Chromecast Audio

As with every new tech device, there is a learning curve. Once it was setup there was one feature we absolutely loved. Now with Chromecast Audio you can play your music and still take a phone call and keep the conversation private. Previously when we streamed music through Bluetooth speakers, invariably we would get a phone call and the entire conversation was also shared through the speaker. Just imagine walking out of the room to take a private phone call only to come back to your guests in the other room who overheard every word. Don’t ever have this happen again. The Chromecast Audio does not interrupt your music playing and your conversation is never broadcast over the speakers. Ever. This is the BEST feature out of all of them. Read on for the other features.

Cast music on your smartphone with Chromecast Audio

What will you cast in your home?

While writing this, our home is currently connected to two Chromecast Audio devices and casting music in two rooms of our house. The main theme from Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back is our choice of music today. Our living room is using the Vizio Soundbar and our other room is using a very small handheld speaker to create our multi room sound.

If you need help setting everything up, Chromecast’s website is very helpful. Keep reading for our directions for setting it up on your iPhone with a bonus app that helps for iTunes.

Chromecast Audio Features

  1. Wi-Fi, instead of Bluetooth, is used to cast the music so your phone’s battery is not affected and it has a higher¬†sound quality
  2. Play music on your speakers wirelessly from your phone, laptop, or tablet without needing to purchase new speakers
  3. Listen to the same song on multiple speakers throughout your home
  4. Stream millions of songs, radio stations, and podcasts through apps like Pandora, Spotify, YouTube Music, and Google Play Music
  5. Lightweight and takes up very little space
  6. Control the music from switching songs or albums and even increasing the volume from your phone

Chromecast Audio connected to Vizio Soundbar

How to set up Chromecast Audio on your iPhone

  1. Visit to begin
  2. Download the SmartCast app
  3. On the upper left side of the SmartCast app click on the three lines and scroll down to “Setup a new device”
  4. Add a device and rename it if you wish
  5. To add a second device repeat steps 3 and 4
  6. Download Google Home app
  7. Click the Google Home app’s upper right corner then click the three dots on one of your speakers listed to create a group so both of your devices can play the music at the same time
  8. Open your music through one of the supported apps and cast the music to the home group you set up in the step above
  9. If you are using iTunes to play your music, download the AllCast app in order to cast the music to the speakers

Chromecast Audio at Best Buy | @BestBuy | @Chromecast

If you are looking for a way to add music in your home without bulky speakers and wires, then Chromecast Audio is something you need to check out. We recommend purchasing two in order to get the multi-room sound for your home.

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