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Easy Photo Editing Software with PhotoShop Elements 14

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Adobe PhotoShop Elements 14 easily removes blur from selfies

PhotoShop is an amazing program but one that usually takes quite a bit to learn how to work and can be intimidating for many people. Not anymore.

PhotoShop has been my preferred editing program since 2000. These last 15 years have brought about several versions for me to use so when I was offered Adobe PhotoShop Elements and Premiere Elements 14 to try out, I jumped at the chance to see how editing photos and videos have changed since the last program.

Adobe PhotoShop Elements and Premiere Elements 14 are designed with beginners in mind

Two things you need to know: Adobe PhotoShop Elements is for the pictures. Premiere Elements is for the videos. The Elements 14 Organizer comes with both programs and makes organizing your digital media easy.

Adobe PhotoShop Elements 14 and Premiere Elements 14

If you have never tried PhotoShop before because it seems too complicated or intimidating, this is definitely one program for you to try. There are three stages offered:

  • Quick: Make adjustments with nine different suggestions to preview based upon your photograph.
  • Guided: Preset functions allow you to create fun designs or effects with a step by step tutorial providing you with a finished product in just a few clicks.
  • Expert: When you are ready to create and edit on your own this is ready for you. This is very similar to my current version of PhotoShop I use which is from the Adobe Creative Suite 4.

These three methods of working on your photos allows you to begin as a novice and progress as you are ready and as your skills increase.

Flower picture before and after edit in Adobe PhotoShop Elements 14

To really test out the new PhotoShop features, I limited myself to the Quick and Guided methods of editing. Very surprised by the results and how easy they were. Here is a picture I took and edited using Quick to get the coloring the way I wanted and then using the Guided method to achieve the final look of isolating the flower. Adding text to the picture made sense to finish off the final product, which is below.

Stand for something even if you stand alone

Whether you are a casual picture taker or just want a way to organize your photos, PhotoShop does this for you with facial recognition software designed to organize all of your kid’s photos in one place.

We have spent quite a bit of time investing in editing software for pictures and videos but this one does it all. Admittedly the video portion is one we have not had enough time to fully enjoy and look forward to editing our first video with it. This PhotoShop retails at $149.99 at Best Buy.

Some of the new features are the ability to remove the camera shake from selfies or clean up the haze from landscape shots. Also, once you are done editing your photo it can immediately be shared to Facebook, and Twitter. There is even a guide for creating a custom cover photo for Facebook.

Easily organize photos by people, places, or events

Adobe Photoshop Elements 14 Organizer by people, locations, or events

One of the smartest new features is the organization feature. Sort by person, place, or event. You tag your photos with the location, if you choose. Then you can find all of the photos at your favorite family vacation destination or by a particular event such as a wedding or a birthday. You have the ultimate control in how you want pictures sorted to make them easier to access later.

Adobe PhotoShop at Best Buy | Twitter | Facebook | #BestLifeEver #PSE

It is easy to see why Adobe uses the phrase “Capture the moment now. Perfect the photo or video later. It’s easy with Elements.” Whether you are a pro or just beginning to edit photos and videos, PhotoShop Elements and Premiere Elements 14 grows with you as your skills develop.

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