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Family Fun Entertainment at Jake’s Unlimited

Thank you to Jake’s Unlimited for inviting our family to cover the VIP Launch Party as media.

Indoor Family Fun at Jake's Unlimited

Jake’s Unlimited held their VIP Launch Party last night and if you are looking for a place where family fun entertainment is the goal then Jake’s is your place.

As the sun set over Arizona’s winter sky, screams of children playing games and enjoying rides could be heard throughout the center. The DJ played music to keep the energy going for children and adults.

Jakes Unlimited Skee Ball

Many families took turns bowling under black lights while others raced on motorycles to see who would be the first place winner.

Midway games often found at the state fair or local carnival are one that will definitely put a smile on your face when entering the venue as they are front and center. One woman won a gigantic stuffed animal after landing two rings onto the soda bottles. Whether you want to smash plates, throw a ball into a glass bowl, or toss a ball in a basket, there are six options for midway games.

Ring toss at Jake's Unlimited

If your favorite carnival game involves squirting water in a race to beat your opponent’s then this will be a favorite of yours, as this one is rarely found. Winning means you score a ticket to a prize. If you win several rounds you can trade your tickets in for an even bigger prize, including a chocolate ice cream cone hat or a pillow pet.

Collecting physical tickets is a thing of the past as your tickets are automatically loaded onto your gift card and can be redeemed for items in their immense room filled with rewards. Plan to spend quite a bit of time in the prize room as there are an overloading amount of items to choose from and you have to wait in line to find out how many points you have on your card.


Packages start at $22.99 and include two hours of rides and attractions, excluding video games that offer tickets or prizes. This also includes their unlimited buffet, which includes tea, soda, lemonade, and Gatorade.

Let’s talk about the food. After all, that is a huge draw for families on where they decide to go for entertainment. Jake’s Unlimited has by far the best buffet food line we have experienced at any place that combines gaming with food. Endless pizza, spaghetti, baked potatoes, green beans, steamed broccoli, and chocolate mousse are just the beginning. The salad bar is far more extensive than most salad bars, with three layers of options along the entire salad bar, including black beans, red beans, garbanzo beans, and a varity of toppings to finish off your salad.

Connect Four

Rides are available for both the little kiddos and the big kids at heart. The carousel and tea cups will be a favorite of toddlers but for those who are ready to ride their first ride there is one that will take them up in the air and drop them unexpectedly.

Bumper cars has always been a favorite of ours but some are just too jarring to ride. Not here. The bumper cars have a seatbelt that holds you in tight and requires two hands to use as you spin in circles and bounce lightly into each other. At approximately five minutes long, this is one long ride that will leave you giggling, laughing, and just a tad dizzy.

Be sure to check out our video tour of Jake’s Unlimited, along with the ribbon cutting ceremony.

Laser tag is a huge draw for everyone, dividing into two teams to see who will come out on top. Whether you are on the red team or blue team, there are two levels of play with a ramp to gain access to the upper level. Unlimited play means extra game time to challenge your friends and co-workers for a friendly game of laser tag under the neon glow of black lights. This was definitely one of the highlights of our visit.

Motorcycle racing game

The VIP Launch Party was very well received last night, as many winners were excited to bring their families for the night. If there was one thing we would advise for Jake’s to consider is a scanning machine to see how many points you have on your card instead of having to wait in a long line at the prize counter to find out.

Last night proved they can handle a crowd, especially where food is concerned. If they do not know the answer to something they are determined to find an answer for you, as our family experienced.

Our event was four hours long and it is easy to see how one can spend an entire day there with unlimited food and fun. We look forward to going back again for the delicious food and gaming.

Smile for the camera

It is easy to see why they changed their name from Amazing Jake’s to Jake’s Unlimited. With unlimited food and fun, it is a sure bet your family’s smiles will be unlimited.

Photography by Wendy Wright

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