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Hands on Tech with Intel Experience at Best Buy

Best Buy Intel Experience with 3D printer and blue robot

Many years before I became a Best Buy blogger our family would head to Best Buy because we simply had the opportunity to actually try out the products we were interested in to see if they were a good fit for us. The hands on approach with the Intel Experience at Best Buy has further enhanced their ability to provide customers a chance to try out technology for themselves.

Only 240 square feet contain four different areas to interact and get a hands on experience with many products never seen before.

The Intel Experience at Best Buy with Ne-Yo

Located at 50 stores nationwide, the Intel Experience at Best Buy gives techies and even those scared by tech the opportunity to play.

Watching a working 3D printer create a robot is a cool experience to actually see the finished product and feel how sturdy it is. Unfortunately the samples are not for sale and used just for display but they are incredibly durable for children to play with and adults to marvel at how far tech has transformed our world.

Making a robot on 3D printer at Intel Experience at Best Buy

Utilizing the computer next to the 3D printer, a robot can be customized with cool colors and an awesome design showcasing your talent. Children and adults will be found hunched over getting a very close look at exactly how the creations are made and if you are one of the lucky ones, you might even get to see a finished product come off the printer.

Once you learn just some of the cool creations a 3D printer can make you just might start imagining what you will use it for when you bring one home.

Mars Escape virtual reality game at Intel Experience at Best Buy

Starting at under $1,000 for an in home 3D printer you will definitely want to purchase one to use in your home. From jewelry, toys, smartphone cases, light switch covers, and vases the options are limitless.

Test drive a Mars Rover at the Intel Experience at Best Buy

Virtual reality games bring out your inner kid.

Although you might never get an opportunity to travel to Mars, through virtual reality you can visit Mars and test drive the Mars Rover. Driving a space vehicle on a rocky surface shows off your skills as you avoid asteroids and escape to safety in an augmented reality world.

Ne-Yo fans can be a digital DJ for his unreleased song.

Through a special partnership, Ne-Yo provides a fun experience as his digital DJ to master beats and remix tracks. Add the confetti cannon, extra lights, get the crowd pumping, or just add some extra tunes to turn his music into your masterpiece. With just a few clicks record your music and have it sent to your phone. No musical experience required.

At our local store, the manager Dan was very helpful in educating us about what the Intel Experience showcased but it was Ericka who answered all of our questions and provided in depth knowledge. Each Intel Experience has an Intel Experience Expert like Ericka who has been specially trained by Intel.

Dell computer at Intel Experience at Best Buy

Intel processors show off the latest PC and table devices.

From four different versions, a hands on feel really gives an opportunity to find the one best for your family. Whether looking for a kid friendly tablet or a portable laptop with detached screen and cordless keyboard, these four main options showcase it all.

[quote]While most (79%) of Americans are excited about the chance to learn and try out new technologies, half are frustrated by the lack of access to them beyond what they read or see in the media, according to a new study by Intel and Toluna.[/quote]

Stop in to Best Buy now to see this fun new technology but keep an eye out for changes as Intel brings in new tech experiences each season.

In addition to all the fun, our local store had the Intel Experience Event where we met the CEO of Intel and we can’t wait to share more about that experience.

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