Stay Cool with Midea Portable Air Conditioner with WiFi

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How to Be Cool with Midea Portable Air Conditioner with WiFi Remote Smartphone or Alexa

One of the hardest parts of summer is staying cool but Midea is here to help your family stay cool this summer with their portable air conditioner with WiFi. Here in Arizona we have at least three more months of summer, with the majority of the days near or over the triple digit mark.

Midea sent us their portable air conditioner to try out and share our thoughts with you. This is definitely one of those products we have always been curious about but never seemed to know if it would be a good product for our family. After trying the 8,000 BTU designed for a room up to 100 square feet, we can confidently say this little machine has been a huge blessing.

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If definitely does not make sense to cool the entire house when everyone is gathered together in one room. Two of our favorite things to do together are play games and watch movies. These activities have us all together in one room and now we can raise the temperature in the house and just roll this machine into the living room and use while we are gathered together.

Midea EasyCool Portable Air Conditioner with WiFi 8000 BTU

Portable air conditioner with WiFi

Bringing in a new addition to your family means quite a few changes. One of those is the temperature in your house. Babies are notoriously picky about the temperature that makes them comfortable, with some preferring warm and some preferring cool. Finding a way to make everyone in the family happy and healthy is easier when you use this portable ac unit so you can make sure to have just the right temperature for the baby and for everyone else too.

The biggest reason why this product is so especially helpful for our family is because of health reasons. I am heat intolerant, which may have you scratching your head wondering why our family lives in the Valley of the Sun with temperatures that are triple digits for most of the year. Having fans in our house to help keep the room I am in cooler has always been something we do but it never was quite enough help. Everything changed with this device.

Portable Air Conditioner LED Control Panel On Top Of Unit

Sleep cooler

Keeping the unit next to my side of the bed means having cooler air while sleeping and the bonus part is the little white noise it creates, helping give a restful sleep.

The best part is being able to control the temperature and features with the touch of your finger on the unit directly, with the remote control, the app on your phone, or using Alexa. No more having to physically get up to adjust the temperature or get out of bed in the middle of the night. The remote control works well by my personal favorite way to adjust the temperature and settings is with their app on my iPhone. My husband even has the app on his phone and can also adjust it too.

Not only can the unit cool the room to a chilly temperature but it can also have a fan running to circulate the air. We have not been able to use the dehumidifier setting on the unit since we live in Arizona and we are known as the state with a dry heat.

Hose and window panel installation kit for Midea air conditioner

Moves easily

It is definitely portable with the four wheels easily moving on tile and it also does move on carpet.

Midea recommends installing the unit in a place near a window so you can vent the portable ac unit to the outside. Everything you need to get this set up is completely included with the unit. Be sure to check out our video below showing the unboxing, supplies included, setup, and first use of it.

While it is recommended to use the unit vented to the outside, you do not have to do so. The included window brackets work on both hung and sliding windows that slide left and right or up and down.

The front of the ac unit blows out ice cold air, depending upon your temperature setting. The back side of the unit blows the hot air away, so that is why the vent is needed. You can simply choose to have it installed in one room and vented or move it around as needed. We chose to move it around as needed.

Back of the portable air conditioner with the hose attached

Cool the garage during summer

This portable air conditioner unit will be very handy when working in the garage during the summer time. We plan to open the garage door enough to let the exhaust hose reach to the garage door and push the hot air out while the unit cools the rest of the garage. Then we can do as much work in the garage as needed with comfort.

There are three additional ways to use this for any family. One is on the back patio. You can sit comfortably with cool air blowing on you while still being outside with your family for a barbecue or for those summer parties. The second is while baking in the kitchen, especially during summer. The oven heats up the kitchen and the entire house but you can use this to cool down while cooking. The third way is the front driveway when having a garage sale. You can definitely enjoy bringing in extra cash selling items you no longer need while still staying cool and having the cold air blow on you.

If you have a cabin that does not have any air conditioning, this would be a handy way to inexpensively add a way to cool your cabin getaway without having something permanent installed.

Midea Smartphone App for Portable AC Control

Adjust air conditioning temperature with your smartphone

You do not have to even be home to use it. Simply using your smartphone app you can turn the air conditioner off, on, or adjust the settings while you are on the go. On your way home from grocery shopping or running errands you can set the temperature and it will be cooling your room for you while you are driving. This is one way to save money during the high electricity months for air conditioners.

One hidden feature you may not realize when you first bring it home is you no longer fear having the air conditioner give out in the middle of summer. I had that happen once with young children and we had to spend the entire day out of the house finding cool places while we waited for the repair company to arrive. With this handy little device we can simply stay cool in our own home while we wait.

When the unit is turned on and when any adjustments are made to the settings it beeps. This lets you know your controls are being received by the unit, even when you are not right next to it.

Midea Portable Air Conditioner with box on carpet

Features of Midea EasyCool Portable Air Conditioner 8,000 BTU:

  • Temperature ranges between 62 and 90 degrees
  • Smartphone compatible with iPhone and Android
  • Alexa compatible
  • Quick installation
  • Easy setup
  • Portable
  • 8,000 BTU
  • Designed for small room up to 100 square feet, approximately 8′ x 12′
  • Cool mode
  • Heat mode
  • Dehumidify mode
  • Ventilates
  • Quiet
  • WiFi enabled
  • LED control panel is easy to read
  • Built in wheels means no heavy lifting
  • Timer
  • Three fan modes
  • Three levels of fan intensity: low, medium, high
  • Filter indicator when it needs to be cleaned
  • LED wireless remote control included, two AAA batteries included
  • 59″ drain hose and window panel installation kit included
  • Adjustable window brackets fit openings between 26 1/2″ and 48″ long
  • White with silver accents
  • Vertical unit takes minimal floor space
  • Swing louver movement optional
  • Follow me function measures temperature around keeps it comfortable
  • Timer option
  • Weighs 55 pounds
  • 115V power
  • 17.1″ width x 13″ depth x 29.13″ height

Watch our video

Be sure to watch our video below showing the unboxing, supplies included, and first use of the portable air conditioner.

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The Midea EasyCool Portable Air Conditioner with WiFi 8,000 BTU has obviously been a blessing for our home. We have enjoyed using this portable ac unit in several rooms of our house and look forward to staying cool this summer.

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