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What Super Lucky’s Tale Taught Us

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Family Lessons from Super Lucky's Tale

As a gaming family, video games are a huge part of how we enjoy playing together. A new game in our vast colleciton is Super Lucky’s Tale. Super Lucky’s Tale contains mild cartoon violence but is a game rated for everyone so the whole family can enjoy the same game.

What Super Lucky’s Tale Taught Us

As a mother of a teen and tween, the video games that draw our attention keep changing as the boys grow older. Even though they are approaching the time when they will play more mature titles, there still is a love from them for a simple game that is just enjoyable to play. Even though this game is rated E for everyone, there is a wide range of ages who will enjoy this game.

Laughter will be heard

As my son started his own game, you could hear him laughing through the house. When it was my turn to play, both boys laughed when I would fall off the side of the area or even miss landing in the right area. They also still laugh when they hear the name Kitty Litter.

Kids love succeeding at something parents cannot do yet

The boys know I am really good at gaming and they admire having a mother skilled in playing games, but they absolutely love it when they have mastered something already and I am not there yet. They love seeing when I fail at a section they have already had success in achieving. Seeing me struggle at something easy for them to complete helps show them that everyone struggles and it is okay to go through it. This also gives them confidence that they can struggle too, as we all do.

Single player games can still be fun for everyone

Even though playing games together is something we prefer, when you have a game like this one where it is a single player game it still can be fun for the family. The boys loved watching me play the game and watch each other also. They learn new skills and see features in the game they missed while actively playing it. Of course, if we had another console and another copy of the game we would start a party and see if we could play together.

Classic games never go out of style

Playing the classic style games definitely are a feature loved by many who get nostaglic for their favorite games. Enjoying a game that holds many of the challenges of completing a level remind me of my favorite childhood games.

Super Lucky's Tale

Perserverance is rewarded

Every time you lose a life you also lose your points. If you lose all five of your lives you have to complete the level over fom the beginning. This can be very frustrating for younger players or for adults who lack patience. What this does teach is that even if you have to play the same level ten times over you will be rewarded when you are successful. The frustration felt by the players when they are defeated gives them an opportunity to either give up or try again. Since there is no risk involved, playing again is usually the option chosen.

Don’t judge a game just by the rating

Let’s be honest here. Once a child reaches a certain point, playing a game rating below their age just does not feel cool to them. No amount of words can change their mind. Judging a game just by the rating alone means you can be missing out on fun. If you can get your child to see past the rating, more gaming options are available to them than before.

Animal games are still fun to play

With a funny name like Kitty Litter and adorable cats and dogs, this is a fun game for everyone to play. The animals all act differently and it is funny to see how Lucky the fox interacts with all the other animals, including the ones attacking him.

Gaming is educational

The obstacle courses and puzzles encourge problem solving. The boys think they are just playing a game, but they are also learning how to achieve something often times with multiple ways to achieve the goal. If you can game and have something fun to do but learn at the same time, then that is a win. Sometimes one of us may not see the answer of how to achieve something but the others will see it and can help coach them on to victory. Additionally, reading is also required to understand the game play. Interacting with other characters requires reading as the game play is not narrated.

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Follow Lucky, the ever-optimistic, energetic, and lovable hero, on his quest to find his inner strength and help his sister rescue the Book of Ages from Jinx. Jinx is the scheming and mysterious villain trying to reshape the world, but for what reason?

Super Lucky’s Tale:

      • Platform: Xbox One and Windows 10
      • Retail price: $29.99
      • ESRB Rating: E for everyone – does contain mild cartoon violence
      • Release date: November 7, 2017

Super Lucky’s Tale is a family game that taught us quite a few things, all while having fun.

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